2018 Long Prairie Trail Rehabilitation Project

  1. What Will Be Done?
    • The project includes removing and replacing or repairing and widening bridges between Beaverton Road and Capron Road.
    • The failing pavement will be replaced with an aggregate surface that remains compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act standards.
  2. When Will Work Start?
    • Some preliminary work has already started – environmental impact assessments, survey work, and soil borings/analysis are all in various stages of completion.
    • The Boone County Conservation District (BCCD) is planning to let bids in early fall of 2018, with work starting once a contractor and bid is selected – most likely mid to late fall of 2018. Work will continue through the winter and, if everything goes well, be completed in the Spring of 2019.
  3. How Will This Project Be Funded?
    • The BCCD is currently in the process of obtaining an alternative revenue bond. The bond will not exceed $1,250,000 and will be repaid using an alternative revenue source.  Through a generous bequest made by Mildred and Melvin Banks, the alternative revenue bond will be primarily repaid with funds that are annually distributed from the fund they established with the Boone County Community Foundation.  The BCCD will, if needed, pay for some of the construction work from funds it has on hand.  Actual expenses will depend on the project bids.

Figure 1. The Long Prairie Trail is shown as a lime green feature on this map.