Archery Hunt Information

**The Education Department is looking for a tanned deer hide, fur on, for our educational programs and displays. If you have one to donate, please call (815) 547-7935. Thanks for your help!**

2016-2017 Archery Hunt Rules

Hunting Information (Archery Program)

Hunting as an Individual or Group:

Qualified hunters have the option to participate as an individual or with a group. The maximum group size is four (4) people.

  • If you choose to hunt with a group, all members of the group must be identified prior to qualifying and listed on the group sign-up board at the site. If a member of the group does not successfully qualify, the group has the option of adding another individual who has qualified, so long as all involved persons concur with that decision.
  • Hunters that choose to hunt in a group, will be required to rank their choice of hunting sites as a group.
  • Hunting groups will be included as a single entrant, and selected or not selected in any drawing or lottery for site selection and/or hunting program participation as that entrant (whole group).

Ranking your choice of hunting sites:

On the day of qualification, you will rank your hunting areas in order of preference with #1 equaling your first choice, #2 your second choice and so on. You are allowed to rank all of the sites included in the BCCD Archery Program. A list of these sites is included below and on the form you complete at the qualification. You can see where these sites are located by clicking on the “Conservation Areas” tab at the top of the BCCD Website’s home page. Then click on the “conservation Areas” button to see the county map showing the location of these sites.

Lottery Participation:

  • A lottery will be held if the number of qualified hunters selecting a specific conservation area as their first choice exceeds the number of hunters allowed to hunt that specific conservation area. This process will occur for each conservation area that has more hunters selecting it as their first choice than the site can accommodate. The lottery will occur in early to mid-June with the results distributed by e-mail or by postcard to those without an e-mail address.
  • Hunters whose first choice is a conservation area where the site capacity hasn’t been reached, will be assigned to hunt that site. Hunters who are not drawn or assigned to hunt their first choice will be placed in a lottery to be drawn for their next highest ranked site that has not reached the maximum number of hunters. This process will continue until all of the conservation areas have reached the maximum number of hunters or until all qualified hunters have been assigned to a conservation area.

Hunting Dates and Times: – click here to view calendar

There are three hunting schedule options that are dependent on the specific conservation areas that are open to archery and/or firearm hunting. The Boone County Conservation District closes some sites to general public use during the late fall through early spring snow season. Sites that are closed to general public access have extended archery hunting opportunities. Sites that will remain open and maintained during this period of time will have fewer hunting dates available to provide other patrons with access and recreational use of these sites. Please give this consideration when you rank the site preference on your forms or group sign-up.

    • Conservation Areas included in BCCD hunting program subject to seasonal closure: (these sites offer 51 days available to hunt) Hunting dates for this group of sites include: October 7-9, October 21-23, November 4-6, November 21-27, December 5-25 and January 2-15, 2017.
      • Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area
      • Piscasaw Fen Conservation Area
      • Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area; including:
        • Holland Site
        • Fritchen Site
        • Hazelton Site south of Kishwaukee River
      • Sewell Conservation Area
      • Fee is $75, Number of Participants; 28, Vacancies; 11
    • Conservation Areas included in BCCD hunting program that are not yet open to general public use or public access: (these sites offer 86 days available to hunt)
      Hunting dates for this group of sites include:
      October 1-November 13, November 21-27, December 5-25 and January 2-16, 2017.

        • Funderburg Conservation Area; including
          • Luhman Site
        • Ballard Farm Conservation Area
        • Garden Prairie Conservation Area
        • Rainbow Gardens Conservation Area, including
          • Cordray Site (Non-cropland areas only)
        • Fee is $100, Number of Participants; 13; Vacancies; 14
    • Conservation Areas included in BCCD hunting program that remain open in the Winter Seasion: (these sites offer 6 weekends or 18 days to hunt) Hunting dates for this group of sites include: October 7-9, October 21-23, November 4-6, December 9-11, December 23-25, January 13-15, 2017.
      • Beaver Bluffs Conservation Area
      • Distillery Road Conservation Area; including:
        • Anderson Woods Conservation Area
        • Nelson’s Ford Conservation Area
      • LIB Conservation Area
      • Ipsen Road Conservation Area
      • Newburg Village Conservation Area
      • Fee is $50, Number of Participants; 30, Vacancies; 6

Hunting Program Participation Fee:

Hunters that have successfully qualified and assigned a conservation area to hunt will need to pay a participation fee. Fees are tiered based on the number of hunting days included at the site an individual has chosen or been assigned by lottery drawing to hunt. Hunters with an opportunity to hunt 86 days will pay a $100 fee. Hunters with the opportunity to hunt 51 days will pay a $75 fee. Hunters with an opportunity to hunt 18 days will pay a $50 fee.

Fee reduction offer:  Hunters who elect to provide volunteer time in the form of one or more volunteer shifts (four hour shifts) at this year’s Autumn Pioneer Festival can reduce the cost of their hunting fee up to 100%. If your fee is $50, you will need to volunteer for 4 hours. For a $75 fee, you need to volunteer 6 hours and the requirement for the $100 fee is eight hours.

The Autumn Pioneer Festival is held Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th, 2016. We encourage you to take advantage of this cost saving offer!