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BCCD Hunt Programs

Rules and Regulations

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    1. Any participant who violates any of the following RULES AND REGULATIONS or conducts themselves in an unethical manner may have their permit revoked.


    1. Hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. No bow and arrow device shall be carried with the arrow in the nocked position, nor shall any firearm be loaded during hours when deer hunting is unlawful.


    1. No participant shall hunt without a Boone County Conservation District permit which shall be issued on an annual basis.


Boone County Conservation District Firearm Hunt – hunting stand locations



    1. To be eligible for a BCCD hunting permit, every applicant must possess a valid Illinois Hunting License, a valid hunter safety certification card, and an appropriate Illinois Deer Archery and/or Firearm Permit.


    1. No participant shall go on private property bordering a conservation area without permission from the adjoining landowner.


    1. All State and Federal Game Codes must be followed.


    1. Any participant under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


    1. All participants must clearly display the BCCD Identification Card, supplied by the District on the dashboard of their vehicle and/or when requested by a District employee or Conservation Officer.


    1. No participant shall be intoxicated, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages or drugs before or while hunting.


    1. All BCCD hunting participants must use the established parking lots or designated parking area. No parking along county or township roads.


    1. No use of ATV’s allowed.


    1. Each participant must carry a safety whistle to be used in the event of a medical emergency and is exclusive for that purpose. Each participant hearing a whistle must respond immediately.


  1. The District reserves the right to suspend hunting at any time in any area for any reason.


    1. All hunters must remain at least 75 feet off all gravel or paved roadways. Hunters must be at least 30 yards inside conservation district property boundaries. At Kinnikinnick – All hunters must remain at least 100 feet from any adjoining property, which typically means remaining on the interior side the equestrian trail.


    1. Participants will be limited to one (1) portable tree stand or ground blind. If tree stand is left overnight it must be locked and it is your responsibility.


    1. No nails or spikes are to be driven into the trees. (No boot-type tree climbing aids are allowed.) Permanent tree stands are not allowed.


    1. All tree stands must have an ID tag (with BCCD stamped on it.) The tag must be able to be seen from the ground. Any tree stand not tagged with a BCCD issued tag will be in violation and removed.


    1. All participants must use a safety belt or rope while in a tree.


    1. Deer harvested on District property must be properly tagged before field dressing or moving.


    1. Harvested deer must be reported to the BCCD by the hunter who harvested the deer. The following information is required: 1) sex of the deer 2) date & time deer was harvested 3) conservation area where deer was harvested.


    1. All harvested deer must be tested by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) for Chronic Wasting Disease as long as the IDNR provides the testing at no cost to BCCD Archery Hunt Program participants.


    1. Any participant wishing to track a wounded deer in an adjoining conservation area that is part of the BCCD archery program is allowed to do so.


    1. Any participant wishing to track a wounded deer outside the approved conservation area must obtain permission from the private property owners.


    1. No field dressing of deer on hiking trails, along roadways, or in parking lot. Do not cover entrails with leaves, grass, etc.


    1. No participant may possess firearms while on District property.


    1. No cutting of vegetation which has a stem diameter of larger than two inches. At Kinnikinnick, only minimal trimming of vegetation is allowed.


    1. Use of plastic flagging or spray paint to mark trails is prohibited.


    1. Each participant must qualify by hitting 4 of 5 shots at a 6 inch target at 20 yards (15 yards for non-mechanical bows) with broadhead or mechanical tipped arrows.


Special Information for Kinnikinnick Archery Hunters

In addition to the rules and regulations listed on the Hunting Rules sheet, the District and the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission require the following provisions be followed at the Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area:


    1. Minimal trimming is allowed for the deer stand. A portion of Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area is also an Illinois Nature Preserve Area, which is subject to strict rules and regulations of the state with respect to damage to trees, shrubs or other vegetation. Do your best to only trim small (finger-sized) twigs and branches.


    1. Hunters must remain at least 100 feet inside the property line from any Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area boundary with an adjoining private property. In most circumstances this means hunting on the interior side of the horse trail, which follows the perimeter of the entire conservation area.


    1.  Note: To enter the service entrance off of Harnish Road, you must park in the designated (mowed) parking area; vehicles are not permitted beyond the mowed parking area.



III. Firearm Hunting


    1. Hunting Program Participants:                   Selection of participants for the firearm deer hunt will be conducted via a lottery system. Interested participants can enter the drawing by completing an entry ticket for each of the firearm hunting season that is being offered. Limit of one entry per season per person. There is no cost to enter the drawing.


      1. (Note: all tickets must be completed at the BCCD Administration Office – 603 North Appleton Road, Belvidere, Illinois)         Each entrant will complete one entry ticket for each season they want a chance to participate in. Each ticket shall provide the following information:


i.      Name, Address, Phone Number (cell phone preferred), e-mail address

ii.      Hunter Safety Certificate Number (must show card at time of entry to be eligible to enter drawing)

iii.      Youth with accompanying adult: Youth may hunt with an accompanying adult, but will be required to hunt from the same stand location. Both the adult and the youth must show a hunter safety card. The entry ticket will have a box to check designating the intent to hunt with a youth. Applicants must provide all the relevant information for the youth hunter on the ticket. Youth hunters must provide a signed statement allowing program participation by their legal parent or guardian.

iv.      Hunters with disabilities may hunt with an able bodied partner, provided they both hunt from the same stand location. Hunters requesting this accommodation shall provide proof of P2A designation. All hunters must be able to hunt from an elevated stand that may be located up to ½ mile from designated parking area and accessed by walking on rough, uneven terrain.

v.      Applicants may designate or rank their preference of four general locations. These include:

    1. Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area


    1. Piscasaw Fen and Funderburg Conservation Areas


    1. Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Areas (Kishwaukee Valley; Hazelwood site; Rainbow Gardens)


    1. Kishwaukee Bottoms Conservation Areas (Ipsen Road; Ballard Farm; Distillery Road; Beaver Bluffs; LIB Conservation Areas)


vi.      Applicants may choose to indicate their willingness to be a standby hunter on the ticket. Standby hunters will be allowed to hunt when a hunter drawn to hunt a specific stand cannot do so and provides sufficient notice to allow a standby hunter to take their place. Standby hunters will be contacted to fill vacancies based on the order of being drawn in the lottery.

  1. The lottery will be conducted in the following way:
      1. A drawing for each season will pull tickets randomly from a container.       The lottery drawing will be video recorded. There is no cost to participate in the lottery.


      1. Applicants do not need to attend the drawing. Persons drawn to participate in the hunt will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail following the drawing.


      1. Each ticket drawn will be reviewed to see if the applicant has indicated a ranking or preference for one or all of the four general BCCD locations where stands for the firearm hunt have been designated. If the applicant has selected or ranked a preference, the applicant will be placed at the lowest numbered stand site (there are a total of 59 stand locations) available according to the preference indicated on the ticket. If no preference is indicated, or if the preferred general location is already full, the applicant will be placed at the lowest numbered stand site still available for that season.


      1. Standby Hunters:      The District will draw an extra 15 tickets (five per season, depending on the number of participants) to serve as standby hunters. Anyone not wanting to be considered for standby hunting opportunities must provide notice of this at the time the lottery entry tickets are completed. Persons selected in the lottery drawing for a specific firearm season are not eligible to be drawn for additional hunting stand locations or for standby hunting opportunities for that season. Standby hunters will be assigned hunting opportunity based on the order they were drawn in the lottery. Standby hunters will be required to qualify and may be provided an opportunity to hunt if:


i.      A drawn participant fails to qualify

ii.      A drawn participant notifies the district that they will be unable to hunt and there is sufficient time to permit a standby hunter to set-up their hunting stand without causing a disruption to other hunters.

    1. Qualification Requirements:Persons drawn to participate in the firearm hunt shall successfully complete the qualification process. The qualification consists of demonstrating the ability to hit the kill zone of a deer (a six inch target) at a distance of 50 yards, two out of three consecutive shots. Participants will be provided two attempts to successfully complete the qualification. A person who is unsuccessful in a first attempt must step to the back of the line and wait for their second attempt. Persons may not try a second attempt without going to the back of the line unless there is no line present at that time. The range master will have the authority to disqualify any individual who, in their judgment, becomes problematic or unsafe.


    1. Mandatory Orientation and Safety Meeting:         All hunters are required to review the rules, hunting stand location maps for the conservation area they were drawn to hunt at, and all safety requirements as a prerequisite to participating in the BCCD firearm hunting program.


    1. Firearm Seasons:       For the purpose of this deer hunt, the BCCD firearm hunt will consist of three firearm “seasons.” For the fall/winter 2014-2015 hunting period the following “season” options include:


      1. The first shotgun season (dates: November 21-23, 2014)


      1. The second shotgun season (dates: December 4-7, 2014)


      1. The first CWD firearm season (dates: January 1-4, 2015)


      1. A lottery, as described above, will be held for each of these three firearm seasons.


  1. Hunting Criteria – Stands & Set-up Information:
      1. Hunters will be required to carry their unloaded firearm to and from the parking area to their stand location in a case.


      1. Persons participating in the BCCD firearm deer hunt program will be required to hunt from an elevated stand.


      1. Persons requiring an accommodation to participate in this program can request the assistance of an able body hunter. This accommodation is designated on the lottery ticket.       The BCCD will not provide any stands or equipment; hunters must provide all of their own hunting equipment and/or gear.


      1. Hunters must set-up their own stands. All participants must use a safety harness while in a stand.


      1. Hunters shall not clear shooting lanes or otherwise alter the area they are hunting.


      1. Hunters shall not permanently mark trails or clear pathways to the stand location they are hunting. Hunters may use biodegradable flagging (provided at hunter safety meeting) or removable, reflective clips.


      1. Hunters must set-up their elevated stand within a fifty (50) foot radius of the stand location marker. Hunters can locate their stand position by using the GPS coordinates provided for that stand. Some locations may require the use of a tripod or other self-supporting stand as there may not be any trees near the stand marker.


      1. No field dressing of deer on hiking trails, along roadways, or in parking lot. Do not cover entrails with leaves, grass, etc


      1. Safety Information & Reminders:


i.      Hunter and public safety needs to be every participant’s first priority.

ii.      Be sure of your target; be sure you know what is behind your target – before taking a shot.

iii.      Do not shoot at running deer.

iv.      All hunters should carry a cell phone if they have one.

v.      Hunters must be attentive – People may unexpectedly appear on public conservation land, be polite and ask them to leave. Call the police or sheriff’s department if the person or group refuses to leave. Provide your stand number and name of the conservation area you are hunting.

                                                           vi.      Emergency – Dial 911

vii.      Non-emergency police contact number: (815) 544-2144

    1. Stands may be set-up on the following dates for the 2014-2015:

i.      First season:                November 17th, 18th, or 19th.

ii.      Second season:            November 30th, December 1st, or 2nd.

iii.      CWD season:              December 28th, 29th, or 30th.

    1. Stand Removal:         Stands shall be removed within two days of the conclusion of each season.

    1. Reporting Harvested DeerHunters that harvest a deer shall report their harvest to the BCCD at the time of their daily check-out phone call. Any hunter that fails to notify the BCCD via the daily check-out process will lose all future hunting privileges. Successful hunters will also be required to check harvested deer as per the IDNR requirements for that season.


    1. Tracking Deer:          Hunters will not be allowed to carry a firearm while tracking deer. Deer may not be dispatched using a firearm unless the shooter is in their elevated stand. Hunters may not track deer beyond 100 yards or outside of clear site of their stand accept between 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM (Mid-Day Period), and after the end of hunting for the day. Any participant wishing to track a wounded deer outside the conservation area must obtain permission from the private property owners.


    1. Harvest Disputes:      The last person to shoot a deer, regardless if it was previously wounded; shall be the person determined to tag that deer. Any disagreement between hunters shall be resolved by a single coin toss.


    1. CWD Testing:            Hunters that harvest a deer must submit their deer for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) testing provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This is a free service provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to BCCD hunters. Any hunter that fails to submit their deer for CWD testing will lose all future hunting privileges.


    1. Firearm Stand Locations: A total of 59 stand sites have been established. The BCCD sites that were determined to have stand locations which meet or exceed all setback criteria specified in the Illinois regulations for deer hunting are listed in the table at the end of this document. Stand sites are depicted on a Boone County map and are shown as a red dot with a stand number. Each stand site is also shown with a 150 yard radius (black circle drawn around the red dot marking the stand site). The circle is drawn to depict a minimum distance of separation between stands. The District may or may not utilize all stand locations during any given firearm hunt.


    1. Hunting Time Criteria:


      1. Daily Check-in Process:        Hunters must check in with the volunteer or staff person at the BCCD Administrative Office, located at 603 North Appleton Road, each morning of their hunt between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Hunters must arrive at their designated parking area by 5:30 a.m. each morning.


      1. Movement Restrictions: (Emergency Situations Exempted)


i.      5:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. – Morning Period:             Hunters must remain in their stands to prevent hunter disturbance, no entry or departing your hunt stand is allowed. Hunters must stay at their designated stand location even if you harvest a deer.

ii.      9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. – Mid-Day Period:   Hunters may depart and return to their hunting stand location. No entry is allowed after 2:30 p.m.

iii.      2:30 p.m. to End of Day – Afternoon Period:        Hunters must stay at their designated hunt stand location until ½ hour after sunset, even if you harvest a deer. Hunters may move from their stand to look for a deer that has been shot, but must remain within 100 yards and clear view of their stand.

iv.      Tracking & Recovering Deer:          See Section 8, Tracking Deer

    1. Daily Check-out Process:      Hunters shall call to check out from their deer stand and report harvest information between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the end of each hunting day. The call should be made during this time period, regardless of the time the hunter left the stand for the day, because this is the only time that the volunteer staffing the phone will be available to take the daily check-out calls.   The District will allocate a cell phone to the volunteer who will be recording daily check-out information from hunters. The number to call is: (815) 988-1640.
  1. Fees:
    1. Persons who are drawn by lottery to participate in the firearm deer hunt, and have satisfied the qualification requirements will pay a fee to participate in the hunt. The following fee structure applies:

i.      Boone County Resident – adult         =          $100

ii.      Boone County Resident – youth        =          $50

iii.      Non-resident – adult                           =          $150

iv.      Non-resident – youth                          =          $75

v.      Program Participant Volunteers          =          Credited fee reduction

    1. All participants will be required to pay a small fee to cover the qualification expenses.
  1. Program Participant Volunteers:    Participants who volunteer to help run the firearm hunt will be credited $10 per hour toward the reduction or reimbursement of the hunting fee. Volunteers may contribute more than 10 hour of time, but the maximum reimbursement or reduction of the fee shall not exceed the dollar value of the fee itself.
      1. Program Participant Volunteers can help with the following:


i.      Daily check-in and check-out of hunters

ii.      Pre-hunt set-up / stand evaluations / shooting lane assessments

iii.      Help implement the mandatory orientation and safety meeting

iv.      Coordination of standby hunters

v.      Parking lot assistants-gatekeepers (coffee / hot drinks)

    1. Gates:Many BCCD sites have gates at the entrance. During the hunt season these gates will be closed and locked.       Hunters will be provided a code to unlock the gate and enter the site. Hunters will close and lock the gate when entering and leaving the site.


    1. Snow Removal:          The BCCD will not be plowing snow or maintaining any facilities at sites closed for the winter season (Between November 15th and April 1st).


Any participant who violates any of these Rules and Regulations will have their permit revoked. The District reserves the right not to issue a permit to any person, for hunting is a privilege, not a right.

Ballard Farm Conservation Area, located off of Shaw Road (former Shappert Property)1Stands #5, 6 and 7 are not hunted in 2014-2015
LIB Conservation Area9Stand #13 is not hunted in 2014-2015
Distillery Road Conservation Area14Stand #20 is not hunted in 2014-2015
Nelson Ford Conservation Area17
Anderson Bend/Woods Conservation Area23Stand #27 will not be hunted in 2014-2015
Spencer Conservation Area28All four stands in Spencer will not be hunted in 2014-2015
Beaver Bluffs Conservation Area32
Rainbow Gardens Conservation Area35
Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area37
Hazelwood Site (Leased from Openlands)39
Picasaw Fen Conservation Area41Stands # 42 and 44 are not hunted in 2014-2015
Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area46Stands #48 and 52 are not hunted in 2014-2015
Ipsen Road Conservation Area55
Tuttle/Clarkson Natural Area58
Funderburg Conservation Area59