Summer Camp Info

bccd summer camp logo REGISTRATION BEGINS APRIL 1ST


wheelchairThe Boone County Conservation District welcomes campers of all abilities to our summer camps. For information about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact Tina Dawson Scott at (815) 547-7935.


The Boone County Conservation District offers 3 environmental education summer camps to area youth. Registration begins on the first weekday in April. Stop by the Roger D. Gustafson Nature Center for more information or to register.


Camp Ducktails is offered once a week on Thursday for preschool children ages 4 and 5. Camp is based out of the Rec Hall in Spencer Conservation Area and goes from 9:00AM to 11:30PM. Each session a new nature topic is introduced. Campers will learn songs, go on nature hikes, and have story, craft, and snack times. A free camp T-shirt is included with the first registered session.


Camp Redwing is a 5-week day camp open to children ages 6-11. Camp is based in Spencer Conservation Area and goes from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Activities each week include a field trip, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts. There is a Family Night every Thursday. A free camp T-shirt is included with the first registered week. *There is no camp the week of July 4th.


Camp Redtail is an adventure-based camp and introduces minimum impact camping and outdoor adventure skills to pre-teens ages 12-15. There is one 4-day camping trip. While Redtail has no prerequisite regarding camping experience, campers are warned that some trips are more challenging than others. Campers may encounter rugged terrain, physical exertion, and primitive to non-existent amenities. Campers are responsible for sleeping bags, personal items, and spending money. All other gear is provided. There is a mandatory pre-camp parent meeting before the trips to answer any questions. A free camp T-shirt is included with the registered trip.

Camp Price List

Camp Ducktails
Boone County Resident $90 for all 5 sessions OR $20 per session
Non-resident $110 for all 5 sessions OR $25 per session
Scholarship $40 for full-summer (5 sessions) enrollment. No individual session scholarships.
Deposit $50 for full summer/family. Individual sessions are paid in full at time of registration.


Camp Redwing
Boone County Resident $100* *$10 Family Discount – Must be enrolled in the same week of camp. Does not apply to scholarship recipients.*Attend all 5 weeks, get a $50 credit per family for the last week of camp!
Non-resident $120*
Scholarship $50
Deposit $50/week per family


Camp Redtail
Please Note
Boone County Resident $200 There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting on July 10th at 6:00 p.m. which campers and parents MUST attend.
Non-resident $220
Scholarship $100
Deposit $100/trip

     Limited scholarships for all camps are available to qualifying families.

:: 2018 Camp Ducktails Session Themes (ages 4 – 5)

  • Session 1: June 28th – “Who Lives in a Tree?”
    Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a tree? A tree is a home for many different animals. Trees provide food and shelter for many animals and for people. Find out who has their own “tree house.”
  • Session 2: July 12th – “What’s Wild?”
    Wild animals are called wildlife. They can take care of themselves. Animals that are not wild depend on humans to care for them. Would you want a mountain lion for a pet? Find out why it’s not a good idea!
  • Session 3: July 19th – “Oh, Deer!”
    An animal’s habitat or home is a place that has the right kind of food, water, shelter, and space for it. We will learn what kind of habitat a deer needs to survive. We’ll even get to see a whole deer skeleton!
  • Session 4: July 26th – “Hiding in Plain Sight”
    Wild animals must learn to find food and avoid being eaten. They use camouflage to blend in or hide in plain sight. Do you like to play hide-n-seek? We’ll learn some expert tips from nature’s best hiders!
  • Session 5: August 3rd – “Fishing Fun”
    We’ll learn all about fish and fishing. We will play lots of fun fishing games and practice water safety.

No camp the week of July 4th.


:: 2018 Camp Redwing Weekly Themes (ages 6 – 11)

Each week includes lab, crafts, fishing, swimming, prairie planting, and Family Night!!

  • Week 1    June 25th – June 29th     FOSSIL HUNTERS
    Do you have what it takes to be a paleontologist?  Find out this week as we discover what’s hidden underground and all around in the rocks!  Campers will learn about the many different creatures that once inhabited this earth and how we can still find them today.  Field trip to Burpee Museum in Rockford.
  • Week 2    July 9th – 13th      POLLINATION CELEBRATION
    Buzzzzz!  Bees are the best known of the pollinators, but they certainly are not the only ones!  This week we will talk all about pollinators – what they are, what they do, why they’re important, and what we can do to protect them.  Field trip to Jarrett Prairie Center in Byron.
  • Week 3    July 16th – 20th     THE FIRST FOREST
    Imagine a world without trees. Without their beautiful fall colors.  Without places for the birds and squirrels to hide. Imagine what it would be like to be a tree in that first forest. Come celebrate the beauty and wonder of trees this week. Field trip to Klehm Arboretum in Rockford.
  • Week 4    July 23rd – 27th     WILD WEATHER
    What’s strong enough to move cars, trees, and even buildings?  What can set fire to a prairie or flood an entire river?  That’s right – the weather!  Mother Nature can be extremely powerful and destructive but also essential for life.  We’ll learn all about the different types of weather, and how they can be dangerous or even helpful.  Field trip to the Discovery Center in Rockford.
  • Week 5    July 30th – August 3rd    ANIMAL OLYMPICS
    Imagine if animals had their own Olympic games…  Who would win the 50-meter dash?  What about the long jump?  And don’t forget about the swimming competition!  This week campers will learn about the top animal athletes and their amazing feats.  Field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

No camp the week of July 4th.

:: 2018 Camp Redtail (ages 12 – 15)

Note: Campers will engage in a variety of activities, some of which include; canoe, hike, sleep in a tent, ride horses, cook meals, pump water, swim, use outdoor restrooms, set up tents, and exposure to biting insects and inclement weather. A long car ride is also a necessary part of the camp. In wilderness settings, emergency evacuation can be delayed.


Canoe Camping in the Sylvania Wilderness Area, Michigan  – Date: July 24th – July 27th

Click here to visit park website

This trip will include canoeing and camping in a wilderness area with no amenities.

It is a more strenuous trip but no experience is required.

:: Age of Campers

Our recommended age range for campers enables us to have camp groups that understand the camp activity and can participate safely and enjoyably. We reserve the right to allow campers of a different age in a group.