Wildlife Questions

This information is provided by an outside organization, as a source of wildlife information.
The Boone County Conservation District is not responsible for the information contained here
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The Wildlife Hotline Can Help with Issues Like These:

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  • Wildlife Conflicts that Impact the Public’s Home or Health

    Squirrels in the attic, Groundhog digging up the yard, a skunk sprayed the dog, Raccoon stuck in a dumpster, Coyote in the neighborhood getting a little too close for comfort, an Owl is on the ground and not able to fly, Opossums keep getting in the trash cans outside, and many, many more!

  • Orphaned Wildlife Separated From Mom

    Baby Squirrels fell out of a tree during a storm, Baby Skunks wandering around alone after Momma Skunk was hit by a car nearby, Raccoon pup all alone on the ground, Baby Bird Fell from nest, Fox puppy found alone in the woods, etc.

  • Injured Wildlife – Wildlife in Need of Medical Attention – Wildlife ‘Stuck’ or in Need of Rescue On-Site

    Raccoon circling in the yard during daylight hours, Hawk unable to fly, Goose tangled in fishing line, Opossum struck by car but still alive, Groundhog running in circles and not acting right, Owl stuck in net at a golf range, Skunk has its head stuck in a peanut butter jaw from the trash, Squirrel stuck in the drainage hole of a dumpster, and many other similar situations.

  • Wildlife Education to Address the Public’s Concerns (If the concerns are found to be unwarranted)

    Why is this opossum sitting on my fence? Will this coyote attack my dog?  Is this skunk going to spray me? Will my dog get rabies by picking up a dead squirrel?  Can I catch Chicken Pox or any pox from the birds at my bird feeder that have it?  How/Where do I dispose of an animal that died naturally on my property?

  • Abuse Reporting & How to Abide By Wildlife Codes, Laws, and Regulations

    Neighbor is trapping wildlife and not attending to the traps at least once every 12 hours, Coworker is hunting outside of hunting season, Neighborhood kids are terrorizing birds and squirrels and shooting them with bb guns, Neighbor feeds the wildlife and has created a health hazard with the overpopulation of wildlife in your area.  As well as things like – I found a deer hit by car and would like to keep it for the meat, can I legally do that?  When does turkey season begin?  Do I need a permit to trap a squirrel in my attic?  Can I shoot a raccoon that is getting into my trash even though it is outside of hunting season?

    There are many other questions that we would be happy to discuss, just give us a call if you cannot find the answer you were looking for here on the website.  You can also contact us via email here.  For urgent matters, call the Hotline @ 1-855-WILD-HELP anytime.  Specialists are available 24 -hours a day, 7 days per week.  It is rare for a caller to have to leave us a message via voice mail, but please know that if you leave us a message, we will return your call in less than 60 minutes, any time of day.