Our former newsletter was called Riffles & Eddies

A number of inquiries have been made as to what a riffle and eddy is. Both have to do with the flow of a stream and could be called secondary currents. A riffle generally is represented by a rapid movement of water over some subsurface obstruction such as rocks, trees, or sand bars. Such an action creates diverse patterns in both the water and stream bottom, while at the same time tending to aerate the water, adding to the quality and life of the stream. An eddy is a side-current which moves in a direction opposite to the main stream and generally in a circular motion. Eddies tend to catch and slow down passing food material and other debris which affords the inhabitants of the stream to avail themselves of otherwise hard to get opportunities. You could say that an eddy is a “spin-off” of the main stream (just couldn’t resist the pun!). For those of us who need it – the symbolism of Riffles and Eddies should be clear.

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