Camp Redwing is a 5-week day camp open to children ages 6 – 11 years. Camp is based in Spencer Conservation Area and goes from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Activities each week include a field trip, swimming, fishing, nature hikes, arts and crafts.  A free camp T-shirt is included with the first registered week.

Si necesita ayuda para completar el registro del campamento en inglés, tenemos a alguien en el personal para ayudarlo. Envíe un correo electrónico a para agendar una cita.

Camp Redwing Price

  • Boone County Resident: $120*
  • Non-resident: $130*
  • Scholarship: 50% discount to qualifying families; until funds are exhausted
  • Deposit $60/week, non-refundable after June 1st.

*$10 Family Discount – Must be enrolled in the same week of camp.
Does not apply to scholarship recipients.

:: 2022 Camp Redwing Weekly Themes (ages 6 – 11)

Week 1    June 27th – July 1st  

Are you afraid of snakes?  Do you think they’re slimy and gross?  Reptiles sure get a bad rap sometimes!  They’re not slimy and gross at all in fact.  We’ll have a chance to meet some reptiles this week and learn that they’re not scary.  We’ll discover reptiles’ unique qualities and what makes them an important part of the animal kingdom. Our field trip is tentatively scheduled to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest.

Week 2    July 11th – July 15th 

Where do you live?  What does your home have that keeps you happy and healthy?  Humans have houses that keep us safe and convenient stores that provide the things that we need, but what about animals?  Where do they live and how do they get what they need?  They rely on their habitat!  This week we’ll learn all about habitats and what animals (and humans!) need to survive.
Our field trip is to Volo Bog State Natural Area in Ingleside.

Week 3    July 18th – July 22nd

There are more insects on our planet than there are humans!  You’re probably thinking, “Gross!!!”  It may be true that insects are not cute and cuddly, but we can’t live without ‘em!  There are more helpful insects than harmful ones, and we’ll learn all about the different types of insects and the important roles they play.  Our field trip is to the Jarrett Prairie Center in Byron.

Week 4    July 25th – July 29th 

Dozens of animals become extinct every day, and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever!  This week we will learn what it means when an animal becomes endangered, some of the animals that are currently endangered, and what we can do to help. Our field trip is to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.

Week 5    August 1st – August 5th 

In a galaxy far, far away…  Just kidding!  We’re not watching Star Wars – we’re learning about the stars!  Campers will learn all about our galaxy and that we’re not the only one out there.  We’ll talk about what stars are, what a planet is (and whatever happened to Pluto anyway?), why the sun is so important, and much more!  Our field trip is tentatively scheduled to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.