Camp Redwing is a 5-week day camp open to children ages 6-11. Camp is based in Spencer Conservation Area and goes from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Activities each week include a field trip, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts. There is a Family Night every Thursday. A free camp T-shirt is included with the first registered week. *There is no camp the week of July 4th.

Camp Redwing Price List

Boone County Resident $100*
Non-resident $120*
Scholarship $50
Deposit $50/week per family: Non-refundable after June 1st

*$10 Family Discount – Must be enrolled in the same week of camp. Does not apply to scholarship recipients.

:: 2019 Camp Redwing Weekly Themes (ages 6 – 11)

Each week includes lab, crafts, fishing, swimming, prairie planting, and Family Night!!

  • Week 1    June 24th – June 28th     FLYING WILD
    What has feathers, wings, and lays eggs? Birds, of course! From the tiny bee hummingbird to the large ostrich, there are over 10,000 different species of birds, and we’ll learn what makes them so special! Field trip to Atwood Environmental Center in Rockford to see the raptors!
  • Week 2    July 8th – 12th      DIRT MADE MY LUNCH
    Did you know that all the food we eat comes from the dirt? Without the dirt, you wouldn’t have those delicious hamburgers for dinner or cookies for dessert. Do you have what it takes to grow your own food? We’ll find out by getting down in the dirt! Be prepared to get a little messy! Field trip to Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford.
  • Week 3    July 15th – 19th     CANINE COUSINS
    What does your dog have in common with foxes, coyotes, and wolves? They are all canines! Learn what is unique about this group of animals and why we have dogs for pets but not foxes or wolves. We may even have some special visitors this week! Field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo.
  • Week 4    July 22nd – 26th     ADAPT OR DIE!
    Our planet is constantly changing and, in order to survive, animals need to adapt. What exactly does is mean to adapt how do they do it? We will learn about animal adaptations like flight, fur, feathers, and beaks. Field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum.
  • Week 5    July 29th – August 2nd    THE LORAX
    “I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!” This week we’ll all become like Dr. Seuss’s Lorax and become environmental stewards. Campers will learn that we can all do simple things to protect the earth like recycling and conserving energy. Field trip to Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

No camp the week of July 4th.