Camp Redwing is a 5-week day camp open to children ages 6-11. Camp is based in Spencer Conservation Area and goes from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Activities each week include a field trip, swimming, fishing, nature hikes, arts and crafts. There is a Family Night every Thursday. A free camp T-shirt is included with the first registered week.

Camp Redwing Price

  • Boone County Resident: $105*
  • Non-resident: $125*
  • Scholarship: $50 per week – DO NOT PAY FOR CAMP UNTIL YOUR SCHOLARSHIP HAS BEEN APPROVED. You will be notified via email. 
  • Deposit $50/week: Non-refundable after June 1st, unless camp is cancelled by BCCD.

*$10 Family Discount – Must be enrolled in the same week of camp. Does not apply to scholarship recipients.

:: 2020 Camp Redwing Weekly Themes (ages 6 – 11)

Each week includes lab, crafts, fishing, swimming, prairie planting, and Family Night!!

Mail-in FORMS
Use these forms if you want to fill them in manually and pay by check.

Camp Scholarship Form

Camp Redwing Registration Form

Medication Administration Form


Redwing registration form


  • Week 1    June 22nd – June 26th    Protectors of the Prairie

Illinois is called the Prairie State but very little of our precious prairie exists anymore. Campers will learn what makes the prairie so special and why we should work to protect the prairies that are left. We’ll have the chance to explore the prairies in Spencer Conservation Area and plant our own prairie plants! Field trip TBD.

  • Week 2    July 6th – July 10th    Rock Out! 

Let’s rock out this week! Rocks are awesome. They are the superstars of some of the world’s most famous places like the Grand Canyon, they preserve evidence of extinct creatures like the dinosaurs, and the minerals in rocks create beautiful crystals. We’ll learn about all of these things and more! Field trip TBD.

  • Week 3    July 13th – July 17th    Animal Tweets

Have you ever seen a bird “tweet” on Twitter? That would be crazy! Animals don’t need Twitter. They have their own special ways of communication. From chirping, howling, growling, and echolocation, animals are expert communicators. We’ll learn about how they send their messages without cellphones and computers! Field trip TBD.

  • Week 4    July 20th – July 24th    Nature’s Superheroes 

Someone stole the animals’ superpowers! Think about it…Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Antman, Wolverine, the Wasp – they all have an animal superpower. This week we will explore many of your favorite superheroes and how they compare to real life animals. Field trip TBD.

  • Week 5    July 27th – July 31st    Bear-y Awesome

A bear!! Where?? At camp?! Nah! There aren’t any bears around here, not anymore, but there used to be a long long time ago. This week campers will learn about the many different kinds of bears and where they call home. Bears can’t just live anywhere, ya know! Field trip TBD.

There is no camp the week of July 4th.