Caring for Injured or Orphaned Animals

The Boone County Conservation District receives many calls about inured or orphaned wildlife. The BCCD does not operate a wildlife rehabilitation facility. It does have a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator who will receive calls during work hours if available. However, animals should not be brought to the office without calling first. Please do not leave animals in a box at our door. It only further endangers them and almost certainly seals their fate.

Wait until morning, then give us a call or contact another rehabilitator. It may be that you will have to wait for someone to return your call. Please be patient, most will return your call after work hours. In the meantime, keep the animal warm, quiet, and away from people and pets.

Do not let your children hold it, no matter how “cute” the animal might be. DO NOT FEED AN INJURED ANIMAL.

These links offer more information:

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