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::Cómo llegar

Newburg Village/Ipsen Road Conservation Area is located west of Belvidere, just 1/3 of a mile south of Newburg Road on Ipsen Road.

::Consideraciones naturales

Ipsen Road/Newburg Village Conservation Area (hereafter referred to as “Ipsen”) contains an extensive network of wetlands that are influenced by the Kishwaukee River and off-site drainage. Ipsen hosts a variety of habitats from sand prairies to sedge meadows, shrublands, the Kishwaukee River, mud flats, and backwater wetlands. In turn, these habitats sustain an astounding variety of native fauna.  

Muskrats, Minks, American Beavers, and River Otters venture in from the Kishwaukee River to utilize the network of channels and marshes found on-site.  Snapping Turtles, Painted Turtles, Softshell Turtles, and Northern Water Snakes also make use of the abundant aquatic habitats. Ipsen is also utilized by a variety of bird species including ground-nesting grassland birds, shrubland birds, woodland birds, and migratory waterfowl. Examples include (but are certainly not limited to): Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes, Osprey, American Bitterns, Marsh Wrens, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Dickcissels, Bobolinks, and Rusty Blackbirds.

::Oportunidades para la diversión

Ipsen provides around 3 ½ miles of hiking trails on 247 acres which provide opportunities for hiking, bird watching, fishing, and photography. Further, the parking lot at Ipsen also serves as the trailhead for Winnebago County Forest Preserve District’s adjoining County Line Preserve, expanding upon those opportunities.

::Actividades e instalaciones

Hiking trails, picnicking, birding, restroom.