The following presentations are available to various community groups and organizations free of charge.
To schedule a program, contact the presenter using the email link provided at least 30 days in advance.
While there is no fee to non-profit groups, donations are gladly accepted.

Joshua Sage, Executive Director

The History, Mission, and Purpose of the Boone County Conservation District (PowerPoint, 60 min)
Presentation describing how the BCCD came to be the first conservation district in the State of Illinois, along with the mission and purpose of the organization.

How and Why the BCCD Manages Its Natural Areas (PowerPoint, 60 min)
Have you ever visited a conservation area and seen a habitat enhancement project in progress and wondered y this work is being done? Now is your chance to ask questions, discuss individual projects, and learn about techniques used in managing natural areas.


Aarron "Ace" Minson, Director de Áreas Naturales

Monitoreo de Tortugas de Blanding (PowerPoint, 45 mins)
Hablaremos sobre la historia de la vida y los requisitos de hábitat de la Tortuga de Blanding en peligro de extinción del estado y compartiremos la experiencia de la BCCD en la vigilancia de las poblaciones del condado de Boone. También discutiremos cómo implementar lo que hemos aprendido en el manejo del hábitat para que la Tortuga de Blanding prospere en nuestro paisaje local.

Monitoreo de Reptiles y Anfibios (Conferencia, 45 mins)
Discutiremos todos los reptiles y anfibios (herpes) que se dan, o pueden darse, en el condado de Boone. Los conocimientos que obtengan enriquecerán sus experiencias cuando visiten los sitios de BCCD, y su propio patio trasero, en el futuro!

Seeds for the Future (PowerPoint, 45 mins)
Seeds of native wildflowers, grasses, sedges, rushes, trees, and shrubs are the foundation of any successful habitat restoration on BCCD lands. Join us as we discuss our approach to collecting and distributing seeds from hundreds of native plant species to enhance wildlife habitat and, ultimately, our visitors’ experiences.

Mark Freedlund, Program Support Coordinator

Be a Conservation Superhero! (PowerPoint, 45 mins)
Learn more about the volunteer opportunities at Boone County Conservation District and how you or your group can make a difference for nature in Boone County.