Autumn Pioneer Festival Visitors, Guests, and Friends, The BCCD staff and Board of Trustees have determined that it is no longer sustainable nor fiscally responsible to continue the Autumn Pioneer Festival. Please know that this was a difficult decision to make and it was not made lightly. There are many factors that contributed to this decision. Costs have continued to increase as the number of volunteers and exhibitors have decreased. There are also the effects of COVID-19 and the ability to hold large group gatherings and festivals safely, which will undoubtedly change the future of these types of events. The Autumn Pioneer Festival has a part of our history for 40 years and for many it had become a beloved tradition. We appreciate the support of the community over the years and especially of our many volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible. We will continue to showcase our cabins, blacksmith shop and schoolhouse during our living history school programs and our annual Holiday Walk in December, however, we will be shifting to smaller events, highlighting the Boone County Conservation District’s natural areas. Our programming will be more mission-based and focused on conservation education and the importance of preserving natural areas. Never has our need for nature and all that it has to offer been more apparent than after a year of social distancing and virtual learning. We hope to engage our community in this vitally important work and encourage people to learn about native habitats and how they can help protect this natural resource of which they are all stewards. Thank you for your understanding and support.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as we begin these new traditions.
  Please enjoy watching one of our volunteer interpreters or staff members below and learn a little bit more about life in the 1800s and Boone County. A hearty thank you to each of our presenters for taking the time to share their passion! To view any of the presentations below, select one of the videos to play by clicking the arrow icon in the center of each image. Closed Captioning can be toggled on and off by clicking the CC button on each video’s task bar.

Dan Kane: BCCD Director Welcome

Joshua Sage: Natural History of Boone County

Lloyd Bellows: Blacksmith

Chris Hubbard: Blacksmith

Ken and Alicia Downey: Pemmican & Jerky

Tom Melville: 1800 Cricket

Norm Walzer: Peg Shoemaking

George Thomas: Schoolhouse History

Fred Durrenberg: 1800 Surveyor

Diane Kane: Murray Cabin Interpreter

Don Clarke: Native-Inspired Handiwork

Corey Swanborg: Beadwork Demonstration

Scott Whitney: General Grant

Rich Hamilton: Flintknapping

Pam Stock: Newhouse Cabin Interpreter

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Jack Engelsen: The Buffalo Man

Kishwaukee Ramblers: Music

February Sky: Music