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This map, prepared by Grant Anderson, GIS Coordinator at Boone County Geographic Information Systems, covers the entire Boone County area.

To use this map, click on the link above. The map will open in a new browser window. You can zoom in to any location you want to investigate, or there is a very useful pop-up at the center bottom of the map screen designated by a white tab with an up arrow. When you click on that tap, you will see all of the information about different features in the Conservation District and local parks in Belvidere and Poplar Grove. Simply double-click on the feature you are interested in, and the map will reset to that location.

New maps have been added to specific Conservation Areas as well.

2 thoughts on “Conservation Areas Overview

  1. Danny Levine says:

    I counted that you have in the conservation district of the county a total of 26 different locations. Is camping allowed in any of these 26 conservation areas? Or are the campgrounds separate? Can you please send me a list of campsites in Boone County? Also, is the Long Prairie Trail the only bike trail in the whole county? I know that is the main one, but you have got to have more than one trail in the entire county with over two dozen nature preserves.

  2. Tina Dawson Scott says:

    Hello Danny,

    Thank you for your question. Camping is not allowed in any of our conservation areas. There are several multi-use trails in many of our conservation areas that are open to the public. Biking is allowed on most of them except for the horse trail. You can view each conservation area map by clicking on that area and using the key to view trails. Some of the trails are simply mowed paths but are open to all users if proper etiquette is followed.

    I hope this answers your questions!

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