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This map, prepared by Grant Anderson, GIS Coordinator at Boone County Geographic Information Systems, covers the entire Boone County area.

To use this map, click on the link above. The map will open in a new browser window. You can zoom in to any location you want to investigate, or there is a very useful pop-up at the center bottom of the map screen designated by a white tab with an up arrow. When you click on that tap, you will see all of the information about different features in the Conservation District and local parks in Belvidere and Poplar Grove. Simply double-click on the feature you are interested in, and the map will reset to that location.

New maps have been added to specific Conservation Areas as well.

4 thoughts on “Conservation Areas Overview

  1. Michael Stone says:

    I love the new layout of the webpage, it was a long time coming. I would really enjoy if the BCDIL got rid of the “interactive feature” and made all the areas into PDF maps with more color and clarity. This website is an improvement, keep up the good work.

  2. Pam Stock says:

    Thank you. We worked very hard to redesign our website. The maps that are interactive are GIS and we do this to make them the most current maps available to the public. I will pass on your comment to our web designer. Pam

  3. Danny says:

    My questions are :

    I see that here in Boone County you call your forest preserves” Conservation Areas” of the County. So just like Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, and Will counties call their natural county-designated areas Forest Preserves, “Conservation Areas” are the same equivalent in Boone County?

    What about bike trails- can you tell me the names of the bike paths that connect from Lake and McHenry counties into Boone County ? I am trying to study the interactive map of Boone County with the conservation areas listed but I don’t understand what does “select a basemap” mean it is not telling me where the bike paths are. Are red lines supposed to be trails? What are green lines? I think the select a basemap thing just means what color you want the background of land to be and what color you want the words to be.

    I am trying to find a bike route from the forest preserves of Cook and McHenry county into Boone County I don’t see them on the map.

  4. Tina Dawson Scott says:

    Hi Danny,

    Thank you for your question. We are a Conservation District which is similar to a forest preserve but not the same. There are only five conservation districts in the state: Boone County, Macon County, Vermilion County, Putnam County, and McHenry County (they are not a forest preserve). You can research the enabling legislation online if you would like more clarity but they do function in a similar fashion and for similar reasons.

    I find the large interactive map harder to use. I recommend you scroll down to the Long Prairie Trail map and take along at that. That is a bike trail that runs the entire length of Boone County (14 miles) from McHenry Co. to Winnebago Co. It joins up with one of the trails in Winnebago County but McHenry’s path does not extend all the way to the county line.

    I hope this is helpful.

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