• POLICY: It is the policy of the Boone County Conservation District (BCCD) to manage properties under its jurisdiction in a manner consistent with its role as a countywide natural resource/outdoor recreation agency, and to protect the resources at the site and to provide safety and security of the site visitor. Participants involved with any part of the geocaching activity (placement and the finding of geocaches) will obey all Conservation Area rules and regulations. Please refer to the rules below governing geocaching activity on BCCD sites.
  • Geocaching activity will be performed only on designated Conservation Areas that are currently open to the public.
  • No geocaches of any kind will be allowed in Flora Nature Preserve and within the Nature Preserve boundaries of Kinnikinnick Conservation Area
  • Geocache must not contain any food items
  • Geocache must not contain any inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous materials.
  • Geocache will not be attached or buried and no vegetation or natural features will be disturbed in any manner.
  • Geocache must be checked at least every 30 days by the person who originally placed the geocache container.
  • Caches will be removed if placement violates any or all of the following:
    1. Impact to threatened or endangered species
    2. Is proposed location of geocache consistent with the current designated land use?
    3. Sensitive wetland, vegetation or wildlife habitat area where disturbance from activity or trampling could occur.
    4. Nature Preserve
    5. Cultural or Historic Site
    6. Wildlife rest area
    7. Would area present physical challenges or hazards and introduce site users to unnecessary risks?
  • A placement of a geocache may be removed if a current development or restoration effort is conducted.
  • Caches that solicit are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity; not a platform for an agenda.
  • The following list of cache sizes and types are the only acceptable forms of containers that are permitted on District property:
    1. Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller – less than approximately 3 ounces or .1 liters – typically containing only a logbook)
    2. Small (Sandwich-sized Tupperware-style container or similar – less than approximately 1 quart or liter – holds trade items as well as a logbook)
    3. Regular (Tupperware-style container or ammo can)
  • Geocaches do not have to be registered with the Boone County Conservation District. However, caches will be checked by BCCD staff on a routine basis.
  • Any violation or unlawful misconduct on District property will be reported to the local police department, and the geocache box and its contents will be confiscated.
  • The placement of a geocache inside a District building must first get the written consent of the Executive Director.
  • Conservation Area hours will be observed at all times. Conservation sites are open from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset unless otherwise posted.

    Any questions regarding these policies can be directed to the Boone County Conservation District Administration Center by calling (815) 547-7935. The BCCD is located at 603 North Appleton Road, Belvidere, IL 61008. Office hours are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.