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Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area, 124.85 acres in size located east of Belvidere, is a wetland complex along the banks of the north branch of the Kishwaukee River. Because most of this conservation area is within the floodplain of the Kishwaukee River, it plays a key role in water quality and groundwater recharge. It functions as a place to slow water down, keeping it from entering the river too quickly.  The site preserves highly permeable soils and when native plant communities are restored the site becomes sponge-like, allowing rain and flood waters to soak into the ground, recharging the groundwater. Our community depends on groundwater for its water supply and sites like the Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area help contribute to this natural process of replenishment. And, because we manage our sites with little to no chemicals or fertilizers, our sites also contribute to the benefits associated with water quality.

Many oxbow backwaters exist on the site along with numerous grasslands, riparian woodlands, and Oak Savannas. All these habitats provide needed habitat for fish, turtles, snakes, frogs, insects, birds and mammals.  Such site complexity helps the plants and animals in greatest need of conservation.