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Piscasaw Fen Conservation Area, 177 acres in size, is in northeastern Boone County. Within its boundary lies an incredible complex of wetlands, savannas, and grasslands. A rare type of ecosystem exists here called a fen wetland. A fen is a specific type of wetland fed by surface or groundwater, contains soils with high levels of organic matter, and has a PH of neutral to alkaline. This calcium rich environment creates a niche for flora and fauna suited to this environment. Species such as Fen Thistle, Fen Violet, Grass of Parnassus, Turtlehead, and the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly all thrive in this fen.

Along with this unique wetland feature, are expansive grasslands brimming with diversity. May through October, these grasslands are putting on a colorful display with new blooms appearing almost weekly. This biodiversity creates an oasis for many pollinating insects from bumblebees to butterflies. Connecting the grasslands, are savannas and woodlands full of Oak and Hickory, an example of what dominated the northern part of Boone County before European settlement.