Policy Statement:

The Conservation District Policy Statement is established to assure that no person shall be discriminated against because of his or her political opinions, affiliations, race, sex, color, creed, national origin or physical disability. It establishes a set of uniform rules and regulations that will govern all equestrian use on the Conservation District property.

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  1. No equestrian shall ride any horse in any driveway, roadway, path or trail within the conservation areas of the BCCD unless such equestrian is operating in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.
  2. The word “equestrian” as used herein is defined as any person having the physical control or who is responsible for the physical control of, a horse. The word “horse” as used herein is defined as any “horse or equine beast of burden”.
  3. It shall be unlawful within the conservation area of BCCD for any equestrian:
    To treat a horse cruelly or knowingly permit such treatment
    To ride or lead a horse that is vicious, unmanageable, or physically unfit for riding. Horses that may kick or mares in heat will be marked with a red ribbon on the horse’s tail.
    To ride a horse that is not adequately or safely equipped for riding
    To ride a horse in such a manner as to injure or endanger the person or property of any other person or property of the conservation district.To race horses except during authorized special events. Horses must always be kept under control and ridden at permitted gaits (walk, trot or slow canter), except during authorized special events.
    To park a horse trailer or truck for the purpose of loading or unloading horses in any parking area not designated and posted as an equestrian parking area.
    To utilize equestrian facilities when posted closed to equestrian use or at other than normal hours of the conservation area, i.e. open at one half hour before sunrise and closed at one half hour after sunset.
  4. Equestrians shall:
  • Stay on designated trails only and stay to the right when passing oncoming users.
  • Slow to a walk on meeting other riders and hikers
  • Be humane and kind to their horses
  • Be courteous and considerate
  • Enter and exit conservation areas only at designated trail location
  • Be considered to have the right-of-way on designated equestrian trails or areas
    1. Be responsible for seeing that such special controls as may be imposed by the Director or his designee (such as trail or area closings due to poor surface conditions, construction, etc.) are respected insofar as the use of their horses are concerned.
    2. Use only such trails or areas within Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area as shall be designated and posted for equestrian use by BCCD and in accordance with the Ordinances of the conservation district. Use of bicycles is prohibited on the equestrian trail.
    3. Groups of ten or more equestrians shall not be permitted unless the group has obtained a “Special Use” permit.
      Equestrian Policies, Rules, and Regulations, and Restrictions approved by the BCCD Board of Trustees shall become effective upon their adoption and posting.
      The director shall have the authority to declare and promulgate additional “Special Event” equestrian regulations in accordance with the Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees of the BCCD to address safety on the trails.