Wetland Mitigation Piscasaw Fen Conservation Area

This project is replacing a small wetland that was damaged when a bridge was replaced on the Boone – McHenry county line with United States Army Corp of Engineers oversight. This project will create almost two acres of wetland containing trees, shrubs, grasses and forbs.

USFWS Project at Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area

This habitat enhancement project is in partnership with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The project will create 17 acres of native shrub land and grassland. These native habitats will benefit the native species that utilize Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area, especially pollinating insects, birds, and small mammals.

A large portion of this project involves invasive plant species removal. This must be done before high quality natives can replace them. If this step does not take place the natives will be outcompeted, and the habitat will deteriorate quickly. Once invasive weeds are under control, trees, shrubs, grasses and forbs will be planted.

Sewell Conservation Area Agriculture Conversion

This 200-acre Conservation Area will begin its transition from row agriculture to high quality wet prairie now through 2025. This large parcel will provide wide ranging habitat for numerous flora and fauna in Boone County. A large portion will be converted to wetlands and grasslands.

 Riparian Woodland Donation Project

This habitat project is in Spencer Conservation Area in a highly visible and well used portion of the Conservation Area. This gives citizens the opportunity to remember their loved ones and help establish high quality habitat along the banks of the Kishwaukee River.

If you are interested contact the main office at 815-547-7935 8am-4:30pm