All Girl Scout Adventures are designed to last 1-1/2 – 2-1/2 hours.

The cost is $5/scout for Boone County residents; $8/scout for out-of-county residents.

A $25 deposit is required to book a program.
Payment must accompany registration and is non-refundable.

All adventures take place at our Nature Center located at 603 N. Appleton Rd. in Belvidere.
Dress to spend time outside and wear proper outdoor footwear.

Download full brochure here

Grades K – 1

Less is More
Girls will learn that using less is a way of sharing resources.
Clover Petal: Using Resources Wisely

Oh Deer!
Girls will learn about animal habitats and what deer need to survive.
Three Cheers for Animals Journey

Wiggling Worms at Work
Girls will learn about earthworms and their role in our world.
Flower Garden Journey

Eco Friend
 Girls will learn how to protect nature.
Daisy Girl Scout Badge

IL State Symbols Resource Trunk*
Teach your girls about the plants and animals that are the official state symbols for Illinois!
Good Neighbor Badge: What makes our state special

Field Trip Backpack*
Lead a hike with your group. The hands-on equipment in this pack encourages self-initiated learning for young minds.

Take a look at these resources* here: 

Reserve one by contacting our office.
They are both FREE to borrow!

Grades 2 -3

Bugs Badge
Girls will learn all about bugs, insects and spiders. Includes a craft and bug hike.

Eco Learner Badge
Girls will learn how to observe nature and build a campfire safely.

Hiker Badge
Girls will learn how to safely and responsibly plan for a hike.

Outdoor Adventurer Badge
Girls will learn how to have fun in nature after dark. Includes a night hike.
This is an evening program.

Wonder of Water Journey
Girls will explore the water cycle and discuss ways to conserve water. Includes a hike to observe the role of water in nature.
Completes the steps needed to earn Love Water Award.

Pond Study Discovery Pack
Borrow this backpack to lead a hike with your group to one of our ponds. Includes resources for group-initiated exploration.

Grades 4 – 5

Animal Habitats Badge
Girls will learn about local habitats, what happens when habitats become endangered, and how they can help.

Flowers Badge
Girls will learn about the science, the beauty, and the uses of flowers.

Gardener Badge
Girls will learn how to design and plan a garden. They will also plant an indoor garden to take home!

Get Moving Journey
Girls will learn about energy conservation and why it is important.
Completes the steps needed to earn Investigate and Energize Awards.

Grades 6 – 8

Night Owl Badge
Girls will learn about nocturnal animals and explore the phenomenon of eye shine and night vision. And hopefully get a look at some constellations in the night sky! This is an evening program.

Trees Badge
Girls will learn about trees and how important they are to us and to our ecosystem.

Breathe Journey
Girls will explore the issues around air pollution and how they can help.

Grades 9 – 10

Eco Explorer Badge
Girls will learn about ecosystems and biodiversity and how they are impacted (Steps 1 – 3).

Sow What Journey
Girls will explore the cost and benefits of using pesticides and how they affect biodiversity.

IL Invasive Species Resource Trunk
Teach your troop about invasive species using the resources in this IDNR resource trunk. You can borrow it from our office at no charge!  Take a look at it here:

Grades 11 – 12

Water Badge
Girls will explore water issues and innovations, careers and cultures (Steps 1 – 4).

Girl-Led Opportunity
Check out one of our Discovery Packs and let your group lead a younger group of Girl Scouts on an outdoor field trip and nature hike.
Packs are FREE to use. Call to reserve.

Outdoor Skills Workshop

Girl Scouts from grades 2 – 8 can participate in this five-hour workshop to learn the following skills:
Outdoor Safety, Basic First Aid, Fire Building, Leave No Trace, Map & Compass

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